Recommended supplies to have when you bring your puppy home:

Food and water dishes

Stainless steel for the food dish- preferably raised (for the larger sized
puppies) – I think these are nice

Food storage container

These come in assorted sized and keep ants out and are easy to serve the food from


Open Farm is what they are fed when they are with me

Leash and collar

Not too big for the puppy – plan on getting a new one as they get a bit bigger (1/2″ width for puppies) – I like these because they have a buckle not a break away clasp.

Dog bed

Plan on getting a smaller one for them now and then soon a bigger one.
They like to be cuddled in their beds

Dog gates

(to contain them and keep them safe)


They make some great ones


These are what I use and they can be configured in a number of different ways

Training treats

Soft training treats

ID tag

(with their name and your phone number)

Ear cleaner

You should clean their ears every week


Petsmart has a great one that has a blue handle and is only $10. Works great on these


This is a great book for you to read before bringing your new puppy home and then again once they are there


rope toys, nylabone and squeakly toys are popular with the puppies – here are a few samples for you – be creative!!

Other Supplies:


(If you plan to crate train) – I don’t crate train so I’m not going to weigh in on what works best here!

Heartworm medication

Given monthly (get from your vet)

Flea and tick collar or medication

Talk to you vet about what they recommend for your area

Marrow bones

I get mine at Wegman’s across from the butcher shop. Ask them at the butcher and they can tell you where they are in your store.

Yogurt for their breakfast and before bed snack

I use the Wegman’s Pre and Probiotic low-fat yogurt.

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